Preparedness Resources

We, as One Harbor Church, want to be able to help provide hurricane preparedness information and resources to our community to help aid in personal preparation.  Click the link below to view multiple resources for your preparation; please feel free to share with friends, family, and neighbors!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email



Every dollar that is given to the Disaster Relief Fund will provide meals, shelter, transportation and care for victims affected by these storms. To give towards disaster relief simply chose the amount you’d like to give and then select “Disaster Relief” from the list of designations provided.



For those of you who live locally and are part of One Harbor Church, we will be contacting you soon with ways you can begin serving. For those of you who live outside our region, within the coming weeks we will be putting out more information about ways that you and your organization can serve.


Do You Need Help?

At this time, if you know of anyone in the church with significant damage, please have them fill out a form by clicking one of the boxes below associated with the One Harbor Site they attend, or are closest to:



Join us in Prayer

Pray for those already affected by these storms. Pray that the Lord would divert this coming storm, Dorian. Pray for those who are suffering and in need of relief. Pray for mental and spiritual health and healing over the coming months and years. Pray for the organizations and churches who are responding to this crisis. Pray for the good stewardship of the funds raised. Pray that the church will be strengthened and that the message of the gospel will give hope.